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Easing back into dance

After such a long break, our bodies may well have forgotten what it feels like to dance and you may be feeling a little out of condition.

Ease yourself in gently - Nobody wants to wake up the morning after a dance class feeling stiff with sore muscles, so be careful and give your body a chance to adjust to getting back to dancing.

It's a good idea to get yourself moving a week or more before you are due to start classes again. A nice warm up with some gentle stretching exercises to wake your muscles up would be great, even a little cardio to start to build up the stamina!

Pilates is a great all over conditioning workout for a dancer's body or perhaps you could try a few of the YouTube classes sent out during lockdown such as Barre & Stretch or a Contemporary Modern class.

Make sure you take care of yourself after class too and remember that the best time to stretch is after you've finished a class while your muscles are still warm and loose.

Take care of your body and you will feel the benefit when you next come to your class.

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